Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weddings and Wools

OK, I told you I'd be back today. Here are a few shots of a quilt I am making. I am using one of my patterns, "Looking Glass Tulips" done in greens and yellows, with a touch of pink. It is a surprise for my son's wedding, so keep it quiet. (Not to worry, they would never look at my blog, as they are busy with their heads in the clouds.)
I still need to do the half blocks around the outside, and then the appliqued border. The wedding is next week. Think I'll make it? I just need to line up a quilter, and I will be fine, right? Wednesday, finish piecing. Thursday, prepare applique, baste. Friday, stitch, stitch stitch. Maybe Saturday too. Quilt on Monday, bind on Tuesday. Wrap on Wednesday, give on Thursday. It could happen. I tend to be an optimist. (That can be a problem sometimes.)

Here's another fun thing I wanted to show you. I made this bracelet from a kit I bought at Market. Isn't it darling? The beads are felted wool strung with glass beads and wire. It was really fun to make and all their stuff was so cute. My daughter made one too, hers has blue, yellow, gray, green and red wool beads.
The booth we found them in was Handbehg Felts. Visit them online at:

Well, that's all for today, I better go sew a bit. Goodnight.


ElwoodK_Rank佳玲 said...
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Dawn Heese said...

It could indeed happen. Don't stop moving. That is the kind of schedule I operate on all the time.

kaye said...

I love the colors in this quilt. I'm making a quilt right now for my son, too. He's returning home from a mission in the Dominican Republic, but I have six weeks to finish it. I think you'll finish yours, too.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The bracelet is really cute. And I LOVE this quilt. He and his new wife will love it. Or they should! You know kids.

tagskie said...

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