Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Vernal Quilters on the Edge

Last Friday I went to Vernal, UT to teach a workshop and have a little trunk show. We had such a great time! We worked on the "Trellis" quilt, and I can't wait for them to post the picture of their finished tops in a few months. (They promised!)
While I was there, some of the members of their group showed me their versions of my pattern, "Cherries Jubilee." Here is Lori with her beautiful quilt done in deep purples and plums. Lori is hiding behind her quilt, but I guess that is the perk of being the quiltmaker, you get to hide behind your quilt when you show it! (Have you noticed all the quilter's heads just barely sticking out above a quilt in most every picture I take??!) Anyway, it is a wonderful quilt, Lori. Way to go. That is a lot of applique, and deserves some applause!
I want to thank the ladies from Quilting on the Edge for their hospitality, and soup, and good spirits. They made it a really enjoyable day for me. I hope they learned something new and had a good time too.
If you have quilts you want to share, send me a photo!
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Sue said...

That is a gorgeous quilt! I love it!

Barbara said...

I have the pattern in a magazine and the fabrics, but I cannot find which magazine it's in. Could you help me please? I love your blog and am a follower through RSS feed. sincerely, Corky

Jillily Studio said...

Cherries Jubilee was shown in the August 2008 issue of "American Patchwork and Quilting." Stitich it up and send me a picture!