Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Workforce

Check out Sydney's new hair style. A super use for all the fold cuttings from fat quarters! My nieces carted arm-fulls of fabric bolts out of my studio this week to cut fat quarters for Market. My sister pieced a quilt and worked on a block for me. Another sister is lending her suitcases to the effort and another is quilting away on my projects. Two more lend creative inspiration and quality control. My sons and daughters are packaging patterns, Appli-Glue and fat quarters, working on the web-site, sewing, cutting, etc, etc. (I have an army of people doing jobs no American would do.)
Thank heaven for big families! I could not do it without all their help.


Hillary said...

How cute is that! What great helpers you have i may have to try making something like that for my little girls (10, 8, 5, & 3!) It's such a happy accident and after all Halloween is coming! And that looks like lots of fun!

Rachel Stewart said...

Wish I could be there and help. So fun. And on a side note...Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a great one.