Thursday, October 15, 2009

More of Market

I've loaded a few more Market photos, since I lost half of the ones I posted before, somehow. They must be out there in cyberspace somewhere.

Our booth from a corner view. Amy looks a little confused. I wonder how that happened! Could be due to lack of sleep.

Look at all the beautiful ribbons in the May Arts booth. This was across from us, so I was distracted quite often.

I just had to post this one of a quilt in the show. I LOVE all the little pieces. I am so attracted to the smallness of it all. (Just ask anyone in my family quilt retreat.) What a feast.

Moda dinner. You can't beat Moda for dinner. Hey-that should be a famous quote! (To be used when you are busy at your machine and your family is hungry.)

Here's a blurry shot of Sarah and I with elinor peace bailey. She is one very creative and fun person. I love to see her at the shows.

(Next to her, I look like I'm dead.)
So that's all for now. I need a nap.


Stephanie said...

What a gorgeous quilt--such a stunning color combination.

Sue said...

I LOVE the new block of the month! That is just lovely and those colors are so nice! That would make a great kit!

Amy said...

Your photo doesn't do the quilt justice! It is simply beautiful!! And for the record...I didn't think that I was going to be in the photo... however, you did wear me out!!