Saturday, September 26, 2009


I lost my watch this week. If anyone finds it, let me know (a Brighton with reversible leather bands). Anyway, it has led to ignorant bliss as I go along, oblivious to the fact that time is passing by. I just sew and sew and then I notice that it is dark outside, and everyone is asleep, so I go to bed. Then I get up and repeat.
But now reality has set in. I actually looked at a calendar, and there are less than 2 weeks to go. Market in Houston is upon us, and I am not ready. (shock) I was planning to be much more organized this time. But alas....

I started a new pattern yesterday. My sewing room now looks like something exploded in there. And the candy is mostly gone. I have a long armer standing by and I need to get it to her pronto.
Then I need to write the pattern. And make several other time will allow.

I have added fat quarter bundles of my fabric line to my website. I am taking a bunch of them to Houston to sell at Sample Spree.

Randy just came by and said that I ought to say something about my handsome husband. So I will. He has been so great. When you are in a bind like this you need a supportive husband! Laundry, dinner, and a host of other things are put on hold.

But, bind or not, it is GAME DAY, and the party must go on, so the sewing is on hold. Go Cougs!


Amy said...

Do you want me to help you an any way?

Natalie Clyde said...

Oh, that was a cute watch! Want me to come cut fat quarters?

Sarah Tucker said...

Really...Delegate...let me know if there are any errands I can run. I can get flooring or whatever needs to come to market. Am I bringing the rest of the appli-glue I have? Right? Don't stress too much it will all come together somehow!:-)

pacemaker said...

How do you do it? Wonder Woman, is my guess!! I finished piecing the "Summer Slices" and LOVE it, I just need to get it to the quilters and it's completely done. It will be a lift for me during the winter months, when I suffer from SAD. Have a great time at market!

Jillily Studio said...

Gina, I want to see! Post a picture when you get it back. If you don't know how, send it to me via email and I will post it.