Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wow, I can't wait to tell you all about our trip to Market.  It was in Pittsburgh at the Convention Center.  I took my daughter, Talia, and my niece, Andrea along with my sister, Margaret.  We had a great time and created a lot of business.  Here is a photo journal of our trip, starting with some of our luggage.  (You need several people to go with you so you can get everything there!)

Here is our first view of the city, just coming out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel and across the Alegheny River.  the Convention Center is the sloping white building on the left.  It sits right on the river.  

Oh look, I found a nice tree we could use in our booth!  Someone help me here.

The booth is coming together.  I decided to make my booth a "Fruit Stand" because I have so many fruit quilts this time.  (Notice my new "Summer Slices" quilt with the watermelons all over it, and the "Citrus Salad" quilt Talia and I are standing in front of.)  You will also see my Cherries Jubilee, and Cherry Orchard along with Trellis and all the rest.  Talia and Andrea built a ladder to climb up our "TREE" to pick the fruit.  (Just go with me on this.)

Putting a booth together is a lot of fun and work.  But after building our trellised ceiling, it began to go a little faster.  

Here we are with an array of important people.
There's Mark Lipinski, editor of Quilter's Home standing in my booth with Andrea and Talia, and Margaret and I look pretty happy. Must be the sleep deprivation.

There is John, a buyer from EE Schenck who happens to love Appli-Glue.  (Who doesn't?!)

Karen Junquet, my designer from Henry Glass Fabrics joins me in my booth.  She brought me the strike-offs of the new fabrics in my line.  It was very exciting.   "Meet Me in the Meadow" is officially for sale!

Talia took some pictures of the whole hall, with all the booths.  The first photo shows half of the hall, and there were special exhibits in the center, and the next photo shows the other half.  You can bearly see our booth on the right with the tree sticking out of our trellis roof.

All those people in that line, (which by the way continues around the corner and out the door of the Convention Center) are waiting to get in to Sample Spree. That is a fun event the night before Market opens when you can buy all kinds of great stuff, and new fabric cuts, etc, etc.  We had a table selling patterns and glue, and we were swamped all night.

I am having so much trouble trying to label these photos.  The words are not going in the right places, and I can't seem to move my photos. Oh well, you still get the idea.   At the very top of this post you can see Talia and Andrea with Amy Butler and with Eleanor Burns.  Talk about star power!   

We had a great time which also included a river boat dinner cruise from Moda, a major league baseball game at the Pirates, and a visit to Amish country in Ohio.  How can you top that? Well to top it off,  I made a lot of business contacts, and I have some great things in the works to look forward to from Jillily Studio.   I better go fill some orders!


Dawn Heese said...

Your booth looks great. Very creative, nabbing that tree.

Christine said...

You always do such an amazing job putting your booths together. You made me laugh with that tree... when I saw the picture of you pulling on it I thought it was a joke, then the next thing I see is it in the car with Talia! Hahaha...

It looks like you had an amazing time! I really want to make it out to help you one of these days. So glad you made some new contacts. I can't wait to hear more about it! Love ya!

Jenn said...

The pictures are great and I can visualize everything!! "Let's put this guy here..." laugh, laugh "Oh and what if we did this?..." laugh, laugh "Look at this cool tree..." laugh, laugh...I am sure with Talia and Andrea that there was all sorts of laughing. One of these years I am going to clear my schedule so that I can go!!! I will look for your fabric....yay!!!

Madsen Mommy said...

I LOVE how you ended up doing the borders on the citrus salad quilt. Perfect.