Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quilt Skits

Okay, I hope you are in a silly mood.  I decided to post a video for your enjoyment.  Every year my family has a quilt retreat and my kids (mostly grown up, mind you) make a few skits to make fun of us and our obsession with quilting. So this year they were hurrying the night before retreat to get a few done, so there are no titles or explanation, but I will guide you through it.  
The first one is a spoof on "The Princess Bride."  Then we go right in to "Jurassic Park," followed by a scene from "Ben Hur."  (The "ramming scene," make note here that "Brockbank speed" is the ultimate in our family because my sister and nieces can sew up a quilt in no time, while I'm still visiting or deciding on colors.)
There will be no Academy awards here, but it is fun.
There are bloopers at the end.  Another note, I have a handicapped son, Jordan, and they were trying to get him to be a Q.U.S. and bite his brother.  Or at least pretend to bite him.  Instead, you will see him try to 'kiss it better.'  He is the star of the show. 
Click on this link to view the skits: 


Mary Anne Drury said...

.....and the OSCAR goes to..... the writers, actors, and producers of "Quilt Skits" !!! VERY entertaining !!!

Natalie Clyde said...

Jill, you guys are the craziest! Loved the skits, loved the family participation. When did you find the time????????????