Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I love my BERNINA!

Hello quilters!  I thought I would give you a BERNINA update.  As you know, I am a BERNINA Ambassador and I love singing it's praises.  This is just a shout out to BERNINA to thank them for producing such a great product.
I'm A Bernina Ambassador

I have been sewing on my B 750 Quilter's Edition for a while now, and I just love it.  Sometimes I forget how wonderful it is unless I have to use a different machine, and then I realize just how great it is.

I recently taught at an event where the machines were provided by another manufacturer.  I won't say who, but I will say that I noticed a huge difference in quality and performance.  I actually could not believe the difference the machine made!   I have sewn on lots of different machines over the years as I have been teaching and helping quilters on their machines, and I always notice the difference in the quality and stitch.

I missed so many features-- hover feature, automatic presser foot drop, needle down setting, dual feed, computer memory, ease of stitch change, personalizing the computer screen to my settings, etc, etc.  And of course, the trouble-free stitching.

BERNINA is known for high-quality precision machines.  I have been sewing on a BERNINA for as long as I can remember--over 35 years.  (Ha ha!  I can remember being a youngster. WINK)  I have had 4 machines--and they all still work great.  Over the years as I have upgraded, I kept my old machines to travel with or to have a spare to share, etc.  I can always count on the beautiful stitching, perfect timing, and great results.

Do you have a BERNINA?   What is your favorite feature?


Claire said...

I have an old Bernina 830 from 1974 that belonged to my mom. I have never sewed on anything else. I love that it is all mechanical, I can oil and look after it myself and that the bobbin comes out of the front not the top do I don't have to keep removing my stick on seam guide. It still makes good stitches. There are some features that I wish I had like needle down, an open or free motion foot and the ability to adjust the pressure on the presser foot. I have a darning foot but wonder if there is some kind of free motion foot that could be adapted for this machine. Your new one looks wonderful.

Kathryn said...

I bought a Bernina 1230 in 1993 with some MAD money my parents gave me out of the blue. They said to buy something that was a splurge. I still have and love that machine. Two years ago at Houston I tried out a Bernina 750 QE just like yours. My shop at home matched the show price, so I bought it. I love the larger harp and the bigger bobbin. have fun being an Ambassador!! Love reading your blog.

Valerie said...

Yep, currently I have four and I love them all. The 630 QE is in my studio, I travel with the 215, I have a Bernette serger and I have an old 830 from 1978 that is mechanical and is my go to machine for doing blue jeans and other husband type mending that always seems to show up right after I have my 630 cleaned and timed. Love them all.

Rebecca Grace said...

I can only pick ONE favorite feature? I have to say it's the super bright LED lights on my B750QE. Whenever I need to sew with my serger or feel like piecing on one of my vintage Singer Featherweights, I immediately miss the bright lights. And one more thing -- the quality of my Bernina presser feet is outstanding. Whenever I'm having trouble with something, if I find out that Bernina makes a special foot or gadget (like the buttonhole leveler dohicky) and I try it with the accessory, it always makes an amazing difference in eliminating the struggles and producing superior results. Love me my Bernina!

Helen L said...

I love that I can thread it and only have to put it through one hole: the eye of the needle. And I love changing the feet with the swing of a lever! :-)